Monday, March 25, 2019
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woman brown eyes

Here’s how to care for your eyes during winter

Dry, itchy eyes are a common problem in the winter due to low humidity. Retaining moisture can help combat dryness to the eyes during winter season,...

Spirulina, The Superfood Which Can Relax Your Arteries, Lower Blood Pressure

Spirulina, scientifically called arthrospira platensis, is technically a type of bacteria. Suffering from hypertension? Take heart, Italian researchers have identified Spirulina, a superfood made from...
selfie wrist

Selfie Wrist: A New Health Problem of The Digital Age

According to Fox News, there have been several incidents in recent years which doctors have diagnosed as selfie wrist. Your next selfie could be your...

Taboo foods that are actually good for you

Many of your favourite taboo foods can be made part of a healthy diet as long as the portion size is small and the...

Excess Belly Fat May Shrink Your Brain

Grey matter contains most of the brain’s 100 billion nerve cells, while the white matter is filled with nerve fibres that connect the brain...

When Using a Antibiotics to Fight a Superbug is the Best Approach

Reckless overuse of antibiotics has led to several disease-causing bacteria – like Mycobacterium tuberculosis that causes TB developing resistance to medicines. In the summer of...
child with teddy

Child Anxiety Could Be a Factor in School Absences

The study, published in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, increases our understanding of the link between anxiety and poor school attendance, particularly when unexcused. A...
home decor

These are the top 10 home decor trends for 2019

Whether it is maximalism or minimalism, exquisite woodwork or filling up big spaces, we spoke to interior designer Angie Kripalani, who gave us the...
dietary monitoring

New study shows dietary self-monitoring takes less than 15 minutes a day

Dietary self-monitoring is the best predictor of weight-loss success. New research shows for the first time how little time it actually takes: 14.6 minutes...
social ostracism affects humans

Research Decodes How Social Ostracism Affects Humans

According to Andy Hales, a postdoctoral researcher in social psychology from the University of Virginia, human motivation is to maintain four basic psychological needs:...
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