Man Lifts 285.49 lb with Just 1 Finger, Breaks World Record

British martial artist Steve Keeler with black belts in Tsuyoi-Ryu karate and judo performed a 129.5 kg deadlift with a middle finger, made a new world record

Bodybuilder Performing Deadlift

Back in 2011, the ‘Heaviest Deadlift Ever with 1 Finger’ was performed by Benik Israyelyan, lifting 121.7 kg and making the world record. But it is said that history repeats itself. Imagine lifting 129.5 kg of weight, that too with a single finger. Amazed?

Steve Keeler, a UK-based martial artist just performed World’s Heaviest Deadlift with a single finger, which he said was not at all easy. On June 10, the ‘Guinness World Records’ announced that by lifting 129.5 kg (285.49 lb) on his middle finger for 8 seconds, Steve Keller created a world record for doing the “Heaviest Deadlift with One Finger”.

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The Heaviest Deadlift by a Man

Soon after performing this incredible lift, Steve Keller was tagged as “The Heaviest Deadlift by a Man on a Single Finger”. Keller, 48 is an experienced martial artist, having had a regular practice of Karate since he was 18. He also holds a First Dan Black Belt in Judo and a Fifth Dan Black Belt in Tsuyoi-Ryu Karate.

“My bones are very strong and my weightlifting capabilities are exceptional”, said Keller during his practice. After winning the Guinness World Records, Keller was shocked to know that he was just 50 kg behind the previous record. He added that he started building his strength and preparing for the World’s Heaviest Deadlift ever since he got to know about the last world record of 121.7 kg created by Benik Israyelyan in 2011.

Keller dedicated his ‘Heaviest Deadlift Ever’ achievement to his stepfather while speaking to the Guinness World Record. He also told that his stepfather was into his strength training, and he feel honored for whatever he taught him.

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