Saks Fifth Avenue: Honest Review Of Shipping Experience

saks fifth avenue

When I was looking for Diptyque candles in Hong Kong, I came across Saks Fifth Avenue. American department store chain Saks Fifth Avenue offers free shipping to many countries. It also integrates with multiple carriers to offer various shipping options.

Deliver to Hong Kong

Buy Diptyque Baies Candle/6.5 Oz. x 2

Sak Fifth Avenue: Key Reasons to Shop

  1. Prices in Sacks avenue Hongkong are cheaper than retail stores.
  2. Orders over USD 100 qualify for free shipping to Hong Kong
  3. Reasonable delivery time (9-14 days)
  4. Local currency rates are charged.

1. Price

Diptyque candles are cheaper in the USA than in Hong Kong retail shops. Diptyque Baies Candle/6.5 Oz. Saks Fifth Avenue charges HK$500.29 for a candle, while the Hong Kong retail price is HK$550 (10%) more. Diptyque doesn’t offer to ship to Hong Kong (not paid to ship).

2. No Shipping Charge

Free shipping is now nonnegotiable for shoppers. It is difficult to offer free shipping internationally. You will need to calculate shipping costs accurately so you can still make a good profit after subtracting shipping costs from your order price. The calculation of shipping costs will get more complicated if you offer multiple carriers.


3. Delivery options and times

Saks Fifth Avenue offers SF Express, DHL Express shipping options. One interesting thing is that DDP (duty and taxes paid) is an option, but customers will have to pay the estimated costs.



4. In local currency

To prevent customers from being charged an unspecified exchange rate by the credit-card company. Nordstrom displays all prices in local currency. They also accept payment in local currencies.

What international shipping options Saks Fifth Avenue offers?

BorderFree is the answer. This listed company was purchased by Pitney Bowes in Jun 2015 for $395 million. BorderFree is integrated with multiple carriers, so online shops can offer multiple carriers at checkout and different payment gateways to charge local currencies.
Borderfree had $125 million in revenues in 2014. Recently, partnered Alipay with in order to allow foreign online shops to reach Chinese customers.

Saks Fifth Avenue extends the personalised shopping experience beyond the store, CONNECTING directly to customers 24/7 online

NEW YORK, March 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ –Luxury destination Saks Fifth Avenue has introduced a unique customer offering that brings the iconic Saks Fifth Avenue in-store experience directly to online shoppers.  Customers can now connect with Saks Associates 24/7 and receive the full benefits of Saks personalized services beyond the store. This new technology is part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to extend its all-channel model and allows customers to enjoy Saks Fifth Avenue’s elevated level of service, no matter how they choose to shop.


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