Your Guide to Incredible Journeys on a Budget With OurBus


As an intrepid traveler, you crave adventure and new experiences, but your budget doesn’t always cooperate with your wanderlust. Fortunately, there are ways to embark on incredible journeys without breaking the bank. OurBus provides an affordable option for exploring beyond your hometown. With fares starting at just $5, you can visit exciting destinations for a fraction of the cost of other travel options. Their extensive network connects cities across the country, opening up a world of possibilities for budget-friendly adventures.

In this guide, you’ll discover tips and tricks for planning affordable getaways with OurBus. See how little it costs to visit national parks, hip cities, quirky small towns, and everything in between. Learn the best times to travel to save money and how to find hidden gems once you arrive. Pack your bags, grab your wallet, and get ready to set off on memorable escapades that won’t leave you with an empty bank account. Adventure is calling—will you answer? With OurBus, the open road is yours to explore on a budget you can feel good about.

Booking Your Next Affordable Adventure – Tickets Starting at Just $5

You no longer need a lavish budget to embark on an exciting getaway. With OurBus, you can now book incredible journeys at very affordable rates. Tickets for most routes start at just $5 USD.

OurBus provides bus service to over 100 destinations across the United States and parts of Canada. Whether you want to visit a charming mountain town, vibrant city, or popular beach destination, OurBus can take you there without breaking the bank. Some sample fares include:

  • New York to Washington D.C. starting at $10
  • Los Angeles to Las Vegas starting at $5
  • Toronto to Montreal starting at $15 Canadian

To find and book your ideal affordable escape, simply visit or download the OurBus app. Enter your departure and arrival cities and travel dates to view available itineraries and fares. Select your preferred route and reserve your seats. It’s that easy.


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