5 Worst Places in US To Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2022-23


Obviously, why else doesn’t want to celebrate New Year’s Eve out and make the most of these last hours of the year? Time of New Year’s Eve is a feeling! Getting drunk, kissing your partner when 12 am hits your way, exploring amazing places, meeting new people, and a lot more happens… Are you in the United States and looking forward to celebrating eve with your friends or family? We want you to enlighten us about the worst places in US to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

See, people spend so much money and energy on New Year’s Eve. Not to mention, the time is very expensive to celebrate (almost double the price of everything). So, we don’t want you to head to those places that are not worth it to explore during this time. Read further to learn about those places that bring not-so-good experiences-

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5 Worst Places in US To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

1. Times Square, New York City

God forbid, Times Square is one of the best places to explore in New York City, but things are different during New Year’s Eve. Why do you want to visit Times Square, just to watch a big ball drop? Or for a glimpse of a celebrity on stage? A celebratory tipple is not allowed and you’d best not drink anything at all, because in order to keep your mobbed spot near the stage — you can’t go to the bathroom. Therefore, most people wear adult diapers for the festive occasion. This way, New York City’s Time Square is among the Worst Places in US To Celebrate New Year’s Eve.

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2. Disney World, Florida

For some reason, adults pay hundreds (or even thousands) of bucks to hang out with iconic Cinderella in her pre-fab castle on New Year’s Eve. While the famous “House of Mouse” has relaxed its liquor rules, it’s so expensive. Especially when you don’t have to carry money with you. While there are beautiful fireworks in both Epcot & Magic Kingdom, there is something weird/suspected about the “culture-themed parties” like Japan’s “silent rave”, China’s pop party which takes place under a dragon, and “fire effects,” hosted by British Revolution in the UK.

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