Trivago Hotels: Safe & Affordable Stay in Italy + Attractions

Trivago is a leading award-winning online hotelier serving 190 countries including Italy.

  • Cinque Terra

Located on the city’s northern Ligurian coast, Cinque Terra is a colorful city with breathtaking seaside beauty. The city lets you explore beaches and the coast offers multiple activities. Our suggestion for a real traveler is to explore the oceanfront footpath Monterosso hiking.

  • Tuscany

If you like quiet places and want to avoid the city’s hustle-bustle, then Tuscany is a true city for you. The countryside destination offers amazing landscapes to travelers with secluded villas for the romantic couple. From house of wineries to delectable restaurants, Tuscany is a region you will simply fall in love with! 2 Must-visit attractions in Tuscany include Bologna and Cinque Terre.


Where there are countless hoteliers available online and offline, Trivago holds a special place for real travelers who looks for a safe and reliable travel company. If you are planning to travel to Italy and seek a hassle-free stay, we recommend you try Trivago Hotels where you can easily discover and compare hotels and choose the best one for yourself.


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