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Khaptad National Park is a offbeat and underrated destination in Nepal. It is located at the extreme west corner of Nepal and is utterly beautiful. This National park is completely untouched which make it a more beautiful and at its full potential. Khaptad National Park is also a interesting place for its religious value and the stories that surround this place.  

Although the National Park exhibits extraordinary features the importance of khaptad national park comes from its past. The history of this place is filled with stories that go beyond any imagination.

Best Time to visit January to May, and September to December.

Permit /strong>  Permit is required, INR 63/- per person

Hotels Lodges at 320/- person

Entry INR 343/- person

Get know about the Khaptad National ParkKhaptad Park

Khaptad National Park got its name from a hermit named as Khaptad Baba. He meditated here for 50 years. This added to the importance of the Khaptad National Park.Local people worship in the buffer zone of this national park during full moon to Shiva in August and September.  Interesting rituals take place during this time.

Flora and FaunaBucci Flower

Khaptad National Park has a huge variety of flora. It is like a green carpet rolling down from steep slopes to moorland. The view and the feel of being there is absolutely incomparable and will take travellers to a different place. It supports around 67 species of flora, which harmoniously coexist here. Few of the flora includes rhododendron forests, oak and pine forests.

The Khaptad national park map display a great variety of flora also. It has  23 species of mammals and 287 types of birds. This national park is great seeing mammals like  leopard, Himalayan black bear, wild dog and musk deer. As it supports a huge number of birds, travellers can see birds like Impeyan pheasant (danphe; Nepalese national bird), Peregrine falcon, the white rumped vulture and many types of partridges, flycatchers, bulbuls, cuckoos and eagles

How to reach Khaptad National ParkKhaptad National Park Nepal

By Air Travellers can directly reach to Dhangadhi Airport in Nepal and from there they have to take a local taxi to Bajhang. From Bajhang trek starts to reach the national park  .

By Bus Buses from India also go directly to Dhangadhi, from where travellers will have to take 9 hrs to reach Bajhang. From Bajhang trek starts to reach the national park.

LodgingCamping in Khaptad

There are very few lodging option is limited. If travellers can find a few lodges in their way the National Park at  Dipayal and Silgadhi. The lodges are not very expensive. Since, Khaptad National Park is a trek , many travellers choose to camp. The guest houses and the army barrack at the park takes care of the park and the visitors. They provide with place and food, but if travellers are in a mood to camp they should carry their own gear and food.

Adventure Activity

Khaptad National Park TrekA trekker enjoying the beauty of Langtang Nepal

The Khaptad National Park is very popular for trekking. The Khaptad National Park Trek is a short and medium to easy trek. It starts from Dhangadhi  and ends at Silgadhi.

The Khaptad National Park ItineraryKhaptad National Park

Day 1  Reach Dhangadhi

Day 2 9 hrs drive from Dhangadhi to  Bajhang (also called Tamail)

Day 3 Start hike from Bajhang (1300 m) to Khaptad Campsite (3020 m), takes 7 hrs

Day 4 Explore Khaptad and visit Khaptad Baba Ashram (3020 m)

Day 5 Start coming down from Khaptad Campsite (3020 m) to Bichpani Camp (2905 m), takes 5 hrs

Day 6 Trek starts from Bichpani Camp (2905 m) to Silgadhi (1340 m), takes 5 hrs

Day 7 After reaching to the final check point drive to Dhangadhi, takes 9 hrs

BirdwatchingKhaptad National Park1

As already mentioned before the Khaptad national Park has a huge number of birds. It makes this park an ideal location for birdwatching. Once travellers reach the top, at the national park, they can start observing the nature and the beautiful creatures it has created.


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