There is a new cave hotel that is all the rage right now. If you are into caves, this place will be your dream getaway.

It might be one of the most unusual places to vacation in Europe, but it is also one of the coolest. The cave hotel will not only make all of your vacation dreams come true, but you will also be the envy of all friends. This hotel is literally built in a cave and it absolutely gorgeous.

The Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Turkey is definitely one of the most unusual hotels ever designed. It was built into the caves of the Cappadocia region. Although it seems large when looking at pictures, there are only 35 rooms in the cave hotel. Each room has a unique, spectacular view, and was designed based on what part of the cave it is located in. The pool is found right in the center of the cave, but it does not look like any hotel pool we have ever seen.gamirasu cave hotel bedroom

Now one might think a hotel in a cave is creepy but there is nothing spooky about this luxury hotel. The design is cool, classy, rustic and has stripped any yuck factor out of sleeping in a cave, but there is no forgetting you are in a cave. However, it looks like the most magical place in Europe, not the scariest.

Along with being a neat hotel, the Gamirasu Cave Hotel is all about calmness and relaxation. If you are looking for a party place, this is not your spot. The hotel was designed for serenity, comfort and chill time. It is easy to see why because based on photos the views surrounding the hotel will leave you in a trance.

It may be a luxury hotel, but it won’t cost you a luxury price. Even though it has become a social media sensation, serious Instagram is flooded with pictures. You can stay for only $175. Yes, you have to pay for a flight but let’s be honest a hotel in New York City isn’t as cheap as this cave. It is a pretty good deal for spending a night or two in a cave that doesn’t creep you out.


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