Is San Fernando Cathedral Haunted? San Antonio Texas Ghost Tours!


If you are looking for San Antonio Texas Ghost Tours, then this blog will enlighten you about a place in Texas that is haunted for years. The city is famous for its diversity, but also for its violent history. Moreover, the city has got an iconic storied history over the last hundreds of years. It is no surprise why people still ask that is San Fernando Cathedral Haunted. In addition, other locations include the Alamo and the Menger Hotel. These are considered paranormal hotspots among visitors and people who actually felt it. Also, you can book a tour ticket online for a ghost tour in the city.

Is San Fernando Cathedral Haunted?

San Fernando Haunted Church

The answer to “Is San Fernando Cathedral Haunted” is yes. This is because of the haunting history of the location. If you don’t know, many past parishioners and priests were buried here within the walls and even beneath the floors of the Cathedral. Equally important, many visitors and paranormal experts have encountered spectral faces and shadowy figures that appear all of a sudden on the walls of the church. Being a part of San Antonio Texas Ghost Tours, a visit here (if you like paranormal activities) is a must!

What’s more, he reported sightings at San Fernando Cathedral Haunted Place are similar to the Alamo in many ways. And, it includes similar reports like ghostly monks roaming on the grounds. In addition, during a restoration project (that was completed back in the 1930s), workers discovered tattered military uniforms and bones believed to have belonged to the soldiers that were martyred during the Battle of the Alamo.

Haunting History You Should Know

Inside a haunted church

San Fernando Cathedral History is something important but spooky. The church is a gothic revival structure situated in the downtown city. It is also among the oldest churches in America and is still in use. Moreover, the construction was begun in 1738 by settlers from the Canary Islands. Since then, the church has remained in the hearts of the religious community. Over the years, San Fernando Cathedral History took shape and remained an important place in the city’s history.


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