Raleigh Museum of Art: A Remarkable Museum In North Carolina


One of the top 25 museums in the United States, the Raleigh museum of art is a must-explore place for visitors. The popular museum has two buildings: the original building (East Building) and the recently-completed West Building. Moreover, it holds a permanent collection and marvelous works of art from antiquity to the present. In addition, it includes art from American, European, African, Jewish, and Egyptian. At the North Carolina Museum of art Raleigh, the remarkable galleries feature true examples of work from Greek sculpture to Renaissance paintings, and much more. Visitors can spend time and appreciate iconic collections like Judith and Holofernes, The Garden Parasol, Kehinde Wiley, Winter 1946, and Frederick Carl Frieseke. Equally important, visitors can also explore the outdoor Rodin sculpture collection.

Raleigh Museum of Art: Appreciate Creativity

A statue at the Raleigh Museum of Art

The rotating exhibitions at the Raleigh Museum of Art are a topic of inspiration and delight. Past exhibitions include Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks, and Art Deco cars from the 1940s and ’30s. Also, it features the iconic works of photographer Ansel Adams. In addition, if you are recently here, you can experience Light, Sound, and Color Experiences to learn about the museum’s history. In short, the place is a must for art lovers and history admirers.

Explore the Country’s Largest Museum at the Park

Museum’s park

At the museum of modern art Raleigh, the Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park is the nation’s largest museum art park. Moreover, it features monumental public art installations and is designed to connect nature, art, and people. The museum park promoted creative human interactions and experiences. In addition, a few popular pieces include Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Sky, Thomas Sayre’s Gyre, and a visual illusion. 

Moreover, the visual illusion allows explorers to virtually walk among the treetops and clouds using technology, ie, sunshine. What’s more, the park also lets visitors have a leisurely walk among the popular installations and explore colorful gardens and environmentally-sustainable landscapes.


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