Based in Geneva, MSC Cruises is a leading Italian cruise line with a successful presence globally. The MSC Cruises was founded in Naples, Italy in 1989. The cruise line is also a part of the Mediterranean Shipping Company and is the world’s largest cruise company which is privately held. Another fact about MSC Cruises is that it holds the 3rd largest cruise company position globally.

MSC Cruises are for mainstream cruising experience. According to the company, the cruises are designed for an unforgettable and delightful experience of the sea. With excellent hospitality and marvelous amenities, MSC Cruises lets you fall in love with the sea at a glance. Luxury cruises like MSC Seaview and MSC Seashore deliver a divine and remarkable cruising experience with your family and loved ones.

MSC Cruises: A List of Ships For Your Next Cruising Experience

“The great difference between voyages rests not with the ships, but with the people, you meet on them.” ~ Amelia Barr. Cruising is always a different experience compared to land. The safe and entertaining MSC Cruises Booking is always a wise decision it lets you experience international dining, 24X7 butler service, world-class entertainment, the latest technology on board, exclusive pool experience, private dining, lounge, etc. The wide variety of amazing itineraries will cover the most popular spots and attractions.

Mostly, the itineraries include Asia, South America, North Europe, North America, Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Dubai. You can always customize your cruise itinerary as per your convenience.

Here is the list of the most popular MSC Cruises you can book for a once in a lifetime experience of the sea-

  • MSC Seaview Cruise

Owned proudly by MSC Cruises, MSC Seaview is a luxury cruise ship of the seaside class. MSC Seaview can hold up to 5,119 passengers at a time, which is its maximum capacity.

  • MSC Seashore Cruise

With a capacity of welcoming 5,877 passengers, MSC Seashore is a popular seaside EVO-class cruise ship. The EVO-class is basically a sub-class of the seaside class having larger dimensions.

  • MSC Virtuoso Cruise

The MSC Virtuosa ship was built by Chantiers de l’Atlantique and is a Meraviglia-Plus class cruise. This cruise ship is perfect for family cruising, holding 6,334 passengers on board.

  • MSC Lirica Cruise

MSC Lirica holds a special place in passengers’ hearts. It is a lead ship in her cruise ship class accommodating 1,560 passengers in massive 780 cabins. The interior of the cruise is remarkable.

  • MSC Divina Cruise

Originally named MSC Fantastica, the ship was renamed to honor the Italian actress Sophia Loren. MSC Divina cruise can accommodate 3,502 passengers in beautiful 1,539 cabins.

  • MSC Musica Cruise

Being the first Musica-class cruise ship, MSC Musica was built in 2006 with a passenger capacity of 2,550 people in 1,268 cabins. The cruise is served by approx 987 crew members.

You can explore the full range of cruises on the website.

MSC Cruises Booking: Bon Voyage!

If you are planning for a true cruise experience, then you can choose MSC Cruises Booking for a guided and safe cruise tour. A few popular cruising destinations are Miami to the Caribbean & Bahamas and Orlando to the Caribbean & Bahamas. You can always have a tailor-amde itinerary for a divine cruise trip. For any assistance, the experts will guide you in choosing your destination, amenities to select, and preferred month of the year to travel!

For MSC Cruises Booking, simply visit the website and you will see the booking platform. You need to fill in some necessary details like the number of passengers traveling, your destination, departure date, and departure ports. You can also select “More Filters” to get a more customized booking experience. After selecting, your MSC Cruises Booking will be executed. For any assistance, you can get in touch with the customer support team.

Happy Cruise experience with MSC Cruises!


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