DFDS Ferry: Explore Europe Via Waterways

DFDS is a leading international shipping and logistics company that also offers ferries for passenger travel.


Founded in 1866 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, DFDS is a leading Danish logistics and international shipping company considered the busiest shipping company in Northern Europe. The focus of DFDS is mainly on freight and passenger traffic in the North sea, but it also operated in the United States, the Mediterranean, and South America.

The unique infrastructure of DFDS seaways connects European countries with each other, and also with Turkey. DFDS also provides logistics services by ferries, followed by door-door transports of loads. As a passenger, you can discover famous European destinations as DFDS offers many tours and roundtrips. The experience of DFDS Ferry is fantastic that cruises through the country of your choice. Passengers witness the awe-inspiring landscapes and sea scenes along the way.

DFDS Cruise: A Lifetime Experience

DFDS cruises are popular among travelers who love to witness the beauty of Europe via waterways. Every year, many families book DFDS Mini Cruise to go on a voyage. The cruise of DHFS breaks to Norway, the UK, and Holland. The most popular routes for DHFS Cruise are between Holland & the UK and Denmark & Norway. These 2 famous routes are best to explore Europe and Scandinavia.

Booking a DFDS Cruise is always cost-effective and more exciting as compared to a flight booking and expensive hotels. During the mini cruising, the route covers mainly three capitals of Europe which are Oslo, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen. Passengers also get to experience the dynamic city of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Taking about DFDS Cruise Price, the mini-cruise price starts as low as €56 per person. You can simply visit the DFDS website to know the exact price as per your route and cruise selection. If you are looking for DFDS Mini Cruise Deals, then do have an eye on the website as the company offers time to time and limited period offers.


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