Festivals are always a major part of a country’s culture to experience the beauty of it. Without celebrating festivals, a country is like a body without a soul. Being a hub of celebration, Europe festivals are electrifying, exciting, and worth experiencing. From melodious Europe music festivals like Glastonbury to the biggest festivals in Europe, festivities are countless in Europe to make you feel WOW.

As Europe is home to 44 countries, each country got its own languages, culture, traditions, and festival celebrations. Talking about July, there are a few exciting Europe festivals in July you can enjoy with your friends and family and be a part of the celebration. Attending these Europe festivals 2022 will be fun if you are planning your European trip this year.

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Top Europe Festivals in July 2022

People with Traditional Costumes at Carnival of Venice
People with Traditional Costumes at Carnival of Venice | Source: Wikipedia

We all know how badly Covid-19 impacted the travel industry around the world. Fortunately, it is now coming on the track, thanks to the vaccine. Europe festivals in July are many, but here we are picking the best 5 festivals in Europe for the month of July. If you are planning a Europe trip in July, then you must attend these amazing festivals-

Ultra Europe: Multi-Venue Outdoor Electronic Music Festival, Split (Croatia)

8 – 11 July 2022

An Electronic Music Concert at Ultra Europe, Croatia
An Electronic Music Concert at Ultra Europe, Croatia

Are you a music lover and always wanted to attend a musical show in Europe? Then Ultra Europe is for you. One of the most anticipated events, the Croatia festival is surely one of the best Europe music festivals. Ultra music festival Europe plays EDM and house kinda music genres. Ultra Europe is a 3-day, multi-venue outdoor EDM festival in Split featuring electronic music giants like The Chemical Brothers, David Guetta, and Deadmau5. This Europe festival in July also offers beach gigs, boat parties, and stadium shows.

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San Fermin: Running of the Bulls, Pamplona (Spain)

6 -14 July 2022

Runners at Bull Festival Saving from a Bull in Power, Pamplona, Spain
Runners at Bull Festival Saving from a Bull in Power, Pamplona, Spain

HOLA! Welcome to Spain. You must have heard about the famous bull festival in Spain. This weeklong festival in Europe is full of thrill, goosebumps, and adrenaline rush. “Running of the bulls” is one of the biggest Spanish festivals when over a million people flock to Pamplona. The popular Europe festival is celebrated in honor of Spain’s first bishop ‘Saint Fermín’.

During the festival, the narrow streets of Pamplona are filled with hundreds of men and women running for their lives. Participants (older than 18) run in white clothes and red sachets, that too for free. Except for bull running, fireworks, fairs, bullfights,  flamenco music bands, and parades take place, making the event worth remembering.

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Zagreb Folk Fest: Rural Culture Festival (Croatia)

Mid-July 2022

Participants at Zagreb Folk Festival Performing Traditional Dance
Participants at Zagreb Folk Festival Performing Traditional Dance

Another famous Croatia festival in Europe is Zagreb Folk Festival. Welcome to the folk festival that talks about traditions, culture, and the history of rural life. This Europe festival in July is organized by the KULTUR-NIK tourist agency every year. You will witness open-air stages and also concert halls all around Zagreb city.

Zagreb folk festival is best for experiencing the country’s singular folklore. There are countless performances by groups from the Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, Slovakia, and more.

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Cambridge Folk Festival: A Classical Fete (England)

28 – 31 July 2022

An Old Man with Crowd at Cambridge Folk Festival
An Old Man with the Crowd at Cambridge Folk Festival | Source: OutlineOnline

Cambridge Folk Festival is another music festival in Europe where folks get together in the village of Cherry Hinton. Attend this popular festival of England with your family and get the folky vibes all around the city. Folk maestros from around the world come up together to perform the musical masterpieces. The first ever line-up included the likes of Paul Simon, which dates back to 1984. This long-weekend Europe festival welcomes visitors to camp out and be a part of this old celebration. The festival features 5 stages and many entertainment areas.

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