While visiting the beach sounds like a great idea, in theory, it often doesn’t turn out well in practice. Having to find a decent place to set up camp temporarily amidst a crowd of strangers who might not be so courteous or caring can turn anyone off from wanting to visit any beach ever. But if you’re about to jet off to Bermuda and despise public beaches, you may enjoy your trip to the country a bit more, thanks to their many hidden beaches.

Hidden beaches are more common than you may think in Bermuda. This means that those looking for a beach unoccupied of ripped dudes and crying babies are likely to find exactly what they’re looking for. GQ has founded four isolated beaches in Bermuda that will surely fit the bill when it comes to beaches empty of fellow vacationers.

WHALE BAYwhale bay beach

Complete with soft sandy shores and beautiful blue waters, this popular fishing spot doubles as a great beach area. The vast amount of land you have to play with offers up endless ideas of activities you can do while visiting. You’re not just limited to swimming you could eat by the water, read in peace, or photograph the beach before you.


This spot is a bit of a paradox — it’s notoriously one of the most secluded beaches in Bermuda. Despite this fact being well-documented, it continues to maintain a solid amount of isolation due to its steep cliffs and hills that are shrouded in bushes. It’s a great pick for beachgoers to escape the rest of the craziness going on in this popular tourist destination.


This well-known snorkeling spot is perfect for more than practicing the aforementioned sport. A brief hike up some wooden steps will allow tourists to gaze at coral cliffs from a small cove that will feel cozy in all the right ways. Whether you’re swimming or snorkeling, treading the glittering blue ocean just might result in meeting some of Bermuda’s many aquatic creatures away from any crowds.


Once an area restricted for the U.S. military and NASA, this collection of beaches has managed to stay a local secret for the most part. The journey to this place is seen as a bit of a trek for some, but many would argue that the trip is more than worth it in the end. After all, tourists can go for a swim, visit the local nature reserve, or hike up the island to capture a breathtaking view of Bermuda.

Regardless of which beach you choose, it’s easy to see how you can find one that’s more isolated than others. Finding a beach with little to tourists milling about will most likely make your experience more enjoyable and at the end of the day, that’s the most important part.


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