Get Ready for a Trip With the Best of MEC Camping Gear

Ready to take your camping trips to the next level? MEC has all the camping gear you need to make sure you’re prepared for any adventure.

Best MEC Camping Gear

This article will provide an overview of what it takes to build a comprehensive, lightweight bikepacking setup using only MEC camping gear – so that even the most novice of adventurers can be ready in no time! By following along with these steps, you’ll have a reliable and comfortable setup that will allow you to explore the great outdoors with confidence.

From lightweight tents to bikepacking setups and backpacking essentials, you can find everything you need for your next trip at MEC. By combining the best of their range of camping gear with a few carefully chosen items from other brands, you’ll be ready for whatever lies ahead on the trail.

Essential MEC Camping Gear for a Lightweight Setup

MEC Camping Gear for Lightweight Setup

Traveling with MEC camping gear can be a great way to save money, stay safe and enjoy your adventure. Whether you are Bikepacking or packing light for a regular camping trip, building a lightweight setup is essential.

A lightweight setup means you need less gear and it’s easier to carry, but it doesn’t mean sacrificing the essentials. Here are the must-haves:

  • Tent: Choose a lightweight tent that’s easy to set up – MEC offers 3-season tents designed specifically for Bikepacking trips.
  • Sleeping Bag: Look for down-filled bags with a temperature rating that suits your climate. Remember that mummy-style bags take up less space in your pack.
  • Hammock: For weight savings, try a single hammock as an alternative to a tent if conditions are suitable
  • Sleeping Pad: Look for an insulated version to provide extra warmth on cold nights.
  • Cooking Gear: Choose pieces made of lightweight materials like titanium or aluminum and consider buying items that do double-duty, like the MEC Backcountry Kettle which functions as both pot and mug.
  • Pack or Panniers: Bicycle touring bikes aren’t complete without panniers or racks – use them to store all of your camping gear and supplies safely while on the trip.

Remember, when selecting MEC camping gear for your trip, choose products you know will last and won’t take up too much space in your pack so you can travel light!

Setting Up Your MEC Camping & Bikepacking Gear

MEC Camping & Bikepacking Gear

Building a lightweight bikepacking setup for adventure travel is easier than you think with the MEC camping gear and equipment available from MEC. With options for everything from tents and sleeping bags to cycling-specific clothing and accessories, you can get ready for your next trip with all the best gear from MEC.

To set up, here are the essential elements you’ll need:

Sleeping Equipment

Choose from lightweight 3-season tents, sleeping pads, and bags designed specifically for cycling trips. These items come in a variety of sizes to fit any body type or size of bike.

Clothes and Accessories

Make sure you have adequate clothing to match the conditions in which you’ll be traveling. Look for breathable fabrics that will keep you comfortable even if it’s hot or cool outside. Also, choose items that can be layered if needed, such as gloves, hats, and waterproof jackets.


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