5 Best Hikes in North America For a Lifetime Experience


Where many travellers in America love to explore the popular tourist places, real travellers choose to witness the lesser-explored areas. To make the best of the experience, hiking in North America is the best option for an awe-inspiring experience. North America is famous for its amazing snow capped peaks, towering volcanoes, jagged cliffs, dense forests, and much much more. If these are calling your name, then you should not wait to plan for the best Hikes in North America for a true ‘once in a lifetime experience’.

This travel blog talks about the 5 best hiking trails in North America as per the experience of hikers who were consumed by wanderlust. Exploring the world on foot is so underrated nowadays, but only a real traveller knows how it feels to backpack for hiking and ditching the modes of transport. From Glacier National Park (rated one of the best places to hike in North America) to the very popular Grand Canyon, hikes in the best places to hike in USA are many to include in your bucket list.

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Hiking in North America – Get Your Foot Ready

A Young Hiker Group
A Young Hiker Group

“We don’t stop hiking because we grow old, we grow old because we stop hiking”. What a wonderful quote, ain’t it? Hiking in North America is always fascinating not only for Americans but for hikers across the globe. Below is the list of top hikes in North America you can plan to visit with your adventure-seeking friends and companions. The list also includes the best hikes in US national parks, so you can fall in love with nature too. Get Set hike-

  1. Glacier National Park
Surreal Meadows of Glacier National Park, Montana
Surreal Meadows of Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park is one of the best hikes in US national parks which is named for the remnants of breathtaking glaciers from the ice age. It is located on the border of Montana and Canada. The dizzying array of its natural beauty gave it this name- “Crown of the Continent”. This hike in North America features parks with a variety of natural trails of different levels, like Cedar trails, Grinnell Glacier, etc.


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