The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is the first underwater hotel in the Maldives, and $50,000 is the price to enjoy an overnight stay. Taxes not included!

Maldives was already an absolute paradise, and now it just got even better. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is building the Muraka at a cost of $15 million. This hotel amenity will only be reachable to a very few. “The Muraka promises a unique experience that is not available anywhere else in the world,” assured architect Ahmed Saleem.

But if you think this was an easy project, you’re wrong. Saleem made all the efforts to create a visual and aesthetical experience based on design. To achieve an exotic sensory experience, the architect chose the appropriate lighting scheme to the acrylic walls. One of his concerns was the reflection since the purpose is that guests enjoy sea life. “We couldn’t use bright colors or variations of white, as that would reflect too much and impede the undersea experience,” he of conrad maldives ragali

Marine biologists made sure the villa doesn’t affect the corals, and all the structures were built in Singapore, to then be submerged by specialized technicians. No wonder, guests can have such a different experience at such a high price.

All this work means those looking to sleep five meters below the ocean level will pay $50,000 per night and guests will also be able to eat in an underwater glass restaurant surrounded by exotic fish. To get to this amazing place in the Indian Sea, you will need to fly on a small private jet and then use a sea boat. The new suite Muraka will be away from everybody, ensuring privacy and an exclusive traveling experience.

If you have that kind of cash for a good night sleep, don’t think twice and book a one of a kind experience at this stunning luxurious villa. The price covers four butlers, a nearby all-service spot that works 24/7, a fitness trainer that you can call any time, and some jet skis if you feel like having a little fun on the surface of the water. When you arrive, your Hilton Status will be immediately upgraded to Diamond Honours, and you’ll have access to a spa that you can go to every day.


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