Luxurious, technology-upholstered, sleek and cosmopolitan to its core, United Arab Emirates tantalizes visitors with innumerable attractions. Functionally spruced up with super-efficient infrastructure, magnificent skyscrapers, fascinating activities, and ecumenical restaurants, UAE can fill each second of your stay here with awesome experiences.

Let’s look at some of the best and gratifying restaurants in United Arab Emirates that are not only culinary marvels but also design great perception for their guests.

1. Daily Express Restaurant, Dubaidaily-express-restaurant

Experts in serving the top delicacies of the Indian subcontinent, Daily Express Restaurant in Dubai combines excellent taste with the economy for its guests. Sought after for their niharis, grills, barbecues & curries, this restaurant presents its guests with satisfying service and gratifying food.

It also provides the option of placing online orders but its recommended not to miss their extreme hospitality and freshly-prepared dishes in the simple and sophisticated setting of the restaurant.

2. Seven Sands Restaurant, Dubaihotel seven sands dubai

Elegant interiors and flavorful Emirati food define Seven Sands Restaurant in Dubai. Chiefly gratifying its guests with delectable and delicately prepared traditional dishes, Seven Sands Restaurants also presents some extraordinary food preparations, such as shark samosas, camel burgers, fried okra and mixed grill.

Located at the beach opposite Jumeirah Beach Residence, this restaurant offers an amazing setting, where guests can enjoy soothing sea-side views and fresh sea breeze. It was also the winner of the 2016 and 2017 What’s On Award for Best Middle Restaurant for the enchanting dining experiences it offers to its guests.

3. Hunters Room and Grill, DubaiHunters Room and Grill, Dubai

Grilled meat enthusiasts do not have to look far in UAE as Hunters Room and Grill can present succulent steaks with heavenly flavors to them from an open kitchen in the restaurant. This steakhouse appeals to all the senses of its guests with its New York like interior complete with leather chairs and dark woods in classy red accents and soft jazz soundtracks.


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