5 Safest Countries To Travel in Europe

Planning a tour of Europe? Check out these 5 safe countries in Europe for a safe & amazing trip this season.


Every traveler expects an enjoyable trip, to bring back sweet memories worth sharing. Exploring the world is a wish of every traveler, but the experience can be awful when you choose the wrong place to travel, or if you do not focus on the safe places to visit, especially when you are traveling solo or if you are backpacking as a woman. So, it is very important to choose the safest destinations to avoid any hassle and have an awe-inspiring travel experience.

If you are looking forward to the “Safest countries to travel in Europe”, then this blog will guide you in the same. We want you to choose the best for yourself and make good memories only! Traveling itself is planned to say goodbye to the daily hustle & bustle and stress of daily life, so a traveler does not want that during his/her trip. The land of some of the remarkable monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Charles Bridge, etc, a tour of Europe is always fascinating as a traveler, where you would be witnessing the true beauty of many European countries and simply be awe-struck.

Safe Countries in Europe to Travel Tension-free

Safety is something which is the top priority of every person in the world. Though there are countless holiday destinations in Europe for a perfect trip, this blog will cover the 5 major safe countries in Europe as per experienced travelers. Let’s learn about it-

  1. Iceland

Iceland is ranked number 1 among the safest countries to travel in Europe. The country is peaceful enough for a surreal experience. Iceland is famous for its alluring mountain hills, friendly people, and exciting nordic culture. You must have heard about the popular Northern lights. One of the best things to do in Iceland is witness nature’s wonder- The northern lights. 

Iceland is having a low population, and that’s why explorers head to this country for a peaceful experience. At night, you can witness the clear sky full of stars. You can also take a dip into the natural hot springs being surrounded by ice. If you are a woman, then the destination is also popular for female solo travelers. So, if you are searching for the safest European countries for solo female travelers, then you must add Iceland to your bucket list.


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