Wilson: Beyond the Game – A Closer Look at Sporting Excellence


Excellence is achieved through dedicated practice, passion, and precision. As an athlete, you understand the commitment required to hone your skills and push beyond perceived limits. The equipment you choose is an extension of your dedication. Wilson Sporting Goods has been fueling world-class athletes for over a century. Their products are designed with the athlete in mind, to amplify your performance and give you a competitive edge.

When you reach for a Wilson tennis racket, golf club, or baseball glove, you reach for a history of innovation and a future of achievement. Their equipment has been instrumental in record-breaking performances across sports. Legends like Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, and Derek Jeter have relied on Wilson gear in their pursuit of greatness.

Now it’s your turn. Discover how Wilson’s sporting equipment can help you achieve your full potential and take your game to the next level. Their products blend cutting-edge tech with a timeless commitment to quality and excellence. Reach beyond. Achieve more. Go all in.

Wilson’s Innovations in Sports Equipment

Continuous Innovation

Wilson Sporting Goods has been at the forefront of sports equipment innovation for decades.

Since 1914, Wilson has pioneered advancements in a variety of sports, particularly tennis, baseball, and American football. In tennis, Wilson introduced the first oversized racquet with the Pro Staff in 1976, making the sport more accessible to recreational players. The company followed up with one of the first widebody racquets, the Profile, providing more power and control.

In baseball, Wilson developed the first catcher’s mask in 1876 and the first fielder’s glove in 1919. The company’s most impactful innovation was the A2000 baseball glove introduced in 1957, which featured leather lacing to create a better pocket and became the best-selling baseball glove of all time.


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