So long, Lionel Messi. Argentina just got knocked out of the World Cup, losing to France and fans are melting down over Messi’s ‘last shot’ at winning a Cup!

Adios, Argentina. La Albiceleste took on France during the first game in the knockout stage of the 2018 World Cup on June 30 and after 90+ minutes, football fans could hear the sound of 48 million hearts breaking. Argentina – powered by the man considered to be the best in the world, Lionel Messi, 31 – squeaked their way out of the Group Stage, only to fall at the hands (or in this case, feet) of France’s national team. The game ended with France impressively overtaking Argentina in a 4-3 loss in the 16th round.

Argentina and Messi’s fans were heartbroken. Messi just turned 31, and football is not a young man’s sport. When the 2020 World Cup rolls around, Messi will be pushing 35. Keep in mind that 36-year-old Zlatan Ibrahimovic just joined the MLS, an organization considered a “retirement league” for European stars (Wayne Rooney, 32, also just joined DC United after sixteen seasons in the Premier League.) The loss left many fans thinking that this was it for Messi when it comes to ever winning a world Cup.

“No matter what happens you were a champion and will always be a champion for us. #Messi,” one fan on Twitter wrote. I will always love you and I will always support you as long as you are playing football and no one can ever replace you. I hope to see you in the next world cup. NO MATTER WHAT GREATEST OF ALL TIME. #FRAARG #Argentina #myteam #ArgentinaVsFrancia #FRAARG,” another supportive tweet read. Other viewers blamed either the team or even the referee for Argentina’s loss. “The ref was so anti Argentina and in stoppage time France purposely wasted 2 and a half minutes and the ref didn’t add any more time. I’m not a fan of Argentina but this is bull crap #ArgentinaVsFrancia,” a viewer posted.


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