lays new flavors

Attention, foodies: Lay’s is about to drop eight new potato chip flavors! Yes, we said eight new flavors and boy, are they interesting.

On July 30, Frito-Lay is set to release a whole slew of new flavors that chip lovers and food daredevils are bound to enjoy. While some flavors are a little more mainstream like the Deep Dish Pizza, others are totally out there AKA the Fried Pickles with Ranch.

The coolest part however is that all of these new creations are a part of Lay’s “Tastes of America” campaign, which means they are all tied to a popular regional dish from across the United States.

So what are all of these regional chip flavors you ask?

Well, for starters there is the Cajun Spice, which is from the Central Gulf. If jambalaya and blackened Cajun chicken send your taste buds to flavor town then this is the bag of chips for you.

Next up is the Deep Dish Pizza from Heartland and Mid-America, which doesn’t taste like any old dip dish pizza, instead it is inspired by Giordano’s famous recipe.

If you’re more of a Southwest cheese lover then you must try the Chile Con Queso from Texoma, Mountain and Southern California. It promises the tasty goodness of cheddar queso with a dash of spice.

The Pacific Northwest on the other hand brings you Thai Sweet Chili AKA the flavor of sweet chili sauce you’ll find on the food truck scene in Seattle.

For fans of the Midwest there’s Fried Pickles with Ranch AKA your favorite state fair food with a dash of ranch flavor to take it up a notch.

We also have Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice from the Mid-Atlantic region, which as you might’ve guessed will bring the crab shack flavors to you via chips.

Pimento Cheese from the Southeast will give you sharp cheddar and cayenne pepper for one Southern punch you won’t soon forget.

Lastly, the New England Lobster Roll from the Northeast is inspired by the lobster shacks that east coasters love so much and man, are we intrigued.


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