4 Types of Fried Eggs You Must Know


The egg is used in countless recipes. From baking to the main course, to snacks, eggs never failed to fit in perfectly in the dishes you choose to cook. Not only it is cheap but also adds perfect taste to your plate. The egg is a small pack of fat, protein, and many healthy ingredients good for your body. Not only does it promote eye health, but it is very healthy for your brain as it supplies almost every nutrient your body needs.

Apart from putting eggs in recipes, you must be cooking the whole egg for your breakfast for a healthy start. From whole fried eggs to a pair of boiled eggs, whole eggs not only save your cooking time but also it is easy to cook, no matter how bad you are at cooking. Fried eggs are of many types. Minor changes to making it can give you a different eating experience.

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Fried Egg Recipes You Must Try At Home

If you want to make fried eggs, then there are several variations of the basic fried egg, but the most common egg types are discussed below. Here’s how you can get these different types of fried eggs at home and enjoy a healthy meal with a cup of hot beverage-

  1. Sunny Side Up Fried Egg

A “sunny side up” egg is the most common fried egg that is fried without flipping until the whites are set but the egg yolk (egg yellow) is still liquid. This is surely the favorite type of fried egg among eaters. It is delightful to dip bread slices in the golden liquid yolk.

To cook a sunny side-up egg, use a medium-low heat flame, so the egg white has time to slowly set before its edges become too brown or crispy and before the yolk cooks through!

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2. Over Easy Fried Egg

Another version of fried egg is over easy. This type is for those who like to make sure the whites are well-cooked, but still like that liquid yolk. Over easy fried egg is best for adding to your sandwich, burgers, and also to your dishes where you like runny golden yolk.


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