Mizuno Shoes: More Power To Your Foot

Mizuno is a Japanese company offering the latest sportswear and shoe range from iconic designers.


Founded in Osaka back in 1906, Mizuno is Japanese sportswear and sports equipment that has popularity worldwide including in the United States of America. The global corporation offers a variety of sports equipment and authentic sportswear for a variety of sports. These include tennis, volleyball, table tennis, skiing, golf, running, athletics, baseball, badminton, cycling, boxing, judo, rugby, swimming, and football.

Besides being popular for Mizuno Running Shoes, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of golf clubs and accessories like Mizuno Golf Bag, etc. The famous golfer Tiger Woods also used Mizuno golf clubs for many professional matches. He also won his first Masters Tournament with Mizuno Clubs in 1997. The aim of the much-preferable sports brand is that it believes in contributing to the advancement of sporting goods and offers the quality a true sportsman deserves.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy: Simply The Best

The Mizuno Wave Prophecy is a collaboration range with big designers and illustrators. The latest collaboration with Sorayama has a shoe to celebrate the 10th generation of the Wave Prophecy range with the famous Infinity Wave. If you don’t know about Hajime Sorayama, he is a popular Japanese designer and illustrator who always aims to express reflection and light in his art, so he did for the shoe having iconic wavy and transparent designs. The Mizuno Wave Prophecy Sorayama is a unisex shoe and is designed very smartly for him and her, taking in mind the level of comfort and durability.

The aim behind making this iconic-designed Mizuno Shoe was to offer a more flexible sole for better comfort with a lightweight overall design. The shoe has an outsole with large air pockets with a design of sneakers. The midsole is having translucent sole parts, amazing? The heel is made up of metallic silver parts and the permeable resin upper shows a silver RunBird Logo. You can also find Mizuno Logo inside of the sole. The price of the Mizuno Wave Prophecy Sorayama Shoe is $350 on the official website. The shoe comes in 2 attractive colors- White & Gold and All Black.


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