Shop for affordable yet promising tires and tubes for your Merlin Bicycle of all ranges including MTB, road bikes, and hybrid models. Cycle Tyre accessories let you shop for inner tubes, rim cement, puncture repair, tubeless accessories, rim tape, and valve extensions.

Merlin Cycles Clothing: Biking with Comfort

A true cycling experience is always incomplete without wearing proper clothing. It is a bad option to wear casual clothes while clothing. That’s why Merlin Cycles offer a nice collection of clothing that suits your sport spirit. At Merlin Cycles Store you can choose to shop for short & long-sleeved jerseys, bib shorts, simple shorts, 3/4 length shorts, bib tights, jackets, gilets, base layers, socks, booking gloves & mitts, arm/leg/knee warmers, headwear, skin snits, and body armor.

Cycling footwear includes road shoes, mountain bike shoes, overshoes & booties, etc. For head protection, Merlin Cycles provide strong helmets for different bike types. Customers can also shop for eye protectors like sunglasses and goggles. Overall, the company offers useful goods to make your biking experience better with every paddle you make.


Every sport is important. Cycling is one of the best sports that help you stay fit and healthy. There are many cycling brands in the market as the sport is trending in many countries, you can choose Merlin Cycles to shop for high-quality cycles at an affordable price. The easy and fast delivery of your bike is one of the reasons why cyclists prefer Merlin Cycles. What are you waiting for? Buy a cycle that comes under your budget and hit the road!


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