Welcome to the world of the personalized and customized world of printing your favorite merchandise. MegaKoszulki Poland is a Polish website where the creative possibilities are endless. The website lets you design and prints a variety of wearable items. It has got its own software where you can create your own design like writing and choosing your preferred graphics. When you wear a MegaKoszulki Printed T-shirt or a MegaKoszulki Printed Shirt, you can confidently say that you own your own design, Creative enough?

MegaKoszulki Website can be operated on both personal computers and mobile for creating your own designs. Users at MegaKoszulki make the most of the customized printing concept to make special moments and occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. If you are expecting a child, then the company also features original maternity t-shirts. You can also go for MegaKoszulki Printed Mugs, Pillows, and a variety of other merchandise with your creative designs.

MegaKoszulki Prints: Create Your Own Designs

Do you have a gift idea for your closed one? Do you want to gift a customized shirt to your dad on his upcoming birthday? Are you a designer and want to make any occasion special by gifting someone a catchy printed mug? All of this is possible only on MegaKoszulki. The company uses DTG printing technology which is the best in class printing popular for durability. For all-time durability, MegaKoszulki also lets you engrave your designs on items like flasks and lighters.

The main categories of MegaKoszulki Printing are listed below-

  • T-shirts
  • Bags
  • Sweatshirts
  • Caps
  • Backpacks
  • Jackets
  • Socks
  • Pants
  • Kidneys

Let’s learn about how you can print your merchandise at MegaKoszulki website. The online design generator is very user-friendly and easy to handle. Even a teenager can also make a design by using the software. The very first step is to choose your preferred item to be printed. After selecting it (for example a solid color t-shirt with the correct size and color) you will be taken to the generator page. Now it’s time to show some creativity. You can add a text by writing the words of your choice. Here you also customize your text by choosing alignment, color, style, layer options, etc.

As soon as you write, the text will be displayed on the sample t-shirt design. As told, you can also add artwork of your own. You will find options like uploading your own graphic from your personal computer or mobile gallery, photos from your social media accounts, preloaded clipart, different shapes, etc. MegaKoszulki also lets you choose a design template for various occasions. The price of the t-shirt will be displayed on the right side. You can make a checkout by adding your item to the cart and following the further steps.

The additional information by the company is displayed on the website that says-

  • Material: True 100% cotton (Gray (melange)-15% viscose/85% cotton)
  • Fabric: Highly Durable (100 washes), 185 g/m²
  • Cut: Regular
  • Neckline Type: round
  • T-shirt Finishing: Double Stitching
  • Product Warranty: 24 Months

Note:The above details are for a t-shirt. Choosing a different item will change the details too.

What Can I Buy at MegaKoszulki?

Except for printing your merchandise, MegaKoszulki also lets you shop for various products without prints. From t-shirts to boxers to sweatshirts to denim jackets, you can shop for the items online easily. The variety of t-shirts includes a classic range, sleeveless, tank tops, long sleeves, loose neckline, V-neck, polo, standard plus, and full print.

Talking about sweatshirt type, you can choose classics, hoods (half/full print), two-color, unbuttoned, etc. MegaKoszulki gives freedom between printing your merchandise and simply buying the range without customized design.


MegaKoszulki is for those creative heads who are passionate about designing and look for customized merchandise to feel proud and lucky at the same time. The easy-to-use design generator of MegaKoszulki is preferred on many occasions to get a personal touch. What are you waiting for? Gift someone a t-shirt or a mug with a design that only you own!


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