5 Yoga Poses To Avoid During Pregnancy (Strictly Not Recommended)


“Yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy” is a crucial topic, as it’s a very special time for “parents to be”. And, we don’t want you to suffer at all! Though yoga is a miracle and it is recommended for pregnant women. Well, the truth is, there are certain poses that a pregnant woman must avoid (and many poses are truly recommended by yoga experts too). Further, you must avoid lifting weight (be it your own body weight), poses that let you bend down, or anything that pressurizes your abdomen.

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Yoga Poses To Avoid During Pregnancy

There are a number of yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy, and we will talk about the most important postures that are simply not recommended at all. Read further to know more-

1. Yoga poses that let your belly down

A pregnant woman practices a yoga pose

Among the important prenatal yoga poses to avoid, JUST DON’T do postured with your belly down, as it can impact the fetus in many ways. One of the poses to avoid is Cobra Pose or Locust Pose (Salabhasana). Moreover, even in the first trimester, it is not suggested to practice such poses.

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2. Yoga postures that let you lie down on your back

A woman with a pose lying down

Another among the list of yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy is this! Don’t practice poses on your back that take more than 90 seconds (must avoid after 20 weeks of pregnancy). Moreover, the second & third trimesters are principal for the woman, and it is important to stay very safe and avoid any mishap. Furthermore, such poses during pregnancy can cause low blood pressure, followed by dizziness.

The next yoga pose will definitely put your child at risk!

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