5 Yoga Poses For Winter To Stay Active And Start Your Day With!


The winter season is here and everyone should be more cautious about health. Being a miracle for many across the globe, Yoga is a science that never fails to amaze us. The blog will talk about 5 yoga poses for winter that you can perform in the morning and start your day with more energy. Also, we have already seen many diseases related to the winter season, so it’s always better to keep going and practice yoga at home.

5 Yoga Poses For Winter

For perfect balancing of mind and body (that includes tristing and invigorating postures), learn and try out these yoga postures for winter and stay safe-

1. Downward Facing Dog 

A woman performs Downward Facing Dog pose

Also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana, this is among the best yoga poses for winter. Tuck toes under and tries to lift hips into an inverted “V” shape from all fours. Time to pedal your feet and gently sway your hips to settle into a perfect pose. Now, lift your seat a little higher (as you stretch down through your heels). Find a firm base to get support through your hands (and the balls of your feet). Also, time to breathe deeply. Feel the stillness spread throughout the nervous system when you hold the pose.

Benefits of Downward Facing Dog Pose in winter:

  • Calms your nervous system
  • Creates a sense of integration between the right and left sides
  • Balances the Vata energy

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2. Crescent Lunge

A woman performs Crescent Lunge pose

Also called Ashta Chandrasana, this yoga in cold weather is important. To perform that, step the right foot forward into a lunge. Now, keep your back leg firm and straight. Time to come upright with both hands on hips. You will find stability between your legs. Now, feel free to widen your feet (from right to left) for finding more solidity. Lift your hips pointing towards the lower ribs. Lastly, stretch your arms overhead while you draw the heads of the upper arm bones back into respective shoulder sockets. Time to relax your shoulders, eyes, and face. Do this by gazing over the horizon line. Hold several breaths and repeat on the second side.

Benefits of Crescent Lunge Pose in winter:

  • Builds stamina, strength, and heat
  • Balances Vata energy
  • Make you feel centered

The next yoga pose is good for your respiratory system…

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