Yoga For 3 Months Pregnant Woman: Best Poses For 1st Trimester


Well, this blog is especially for up to 3 months pregnant woman, expecting a healthy child in the future. Okay, if you can practice different yoga poses, it is very beneficial for you and your child in the womb. You will learn about yoga for 3 months pregnant woman. Experts say it is safe to do certain yoga poses for the first trimester. Although there are a few poses you can practice in the third trimester, here we will throw light on the 1st trimester…

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Yoga For 3 Months Pregnant Woman

Yoga is all about chakras, and meditation poses. The outcomes are wonderful for every being. Okay, let’s know about Yoga For 3 Months Pregnant Woman below-

1. Tree Pose

2 woman practicing tree pose

Also known as Vrksasana, it is among the best yoga for 3 months pregnant woman. The pose helps build awareness and improve posture, alignment, and balance. It also strengthens your back, legs, and core.

Steps to do a tree pose:

  • Stand, shift your weight onto the left foot, and now lift the right foot
  • Place the right foot (on the inside of the left ankle, thigh, or lower leg)
  • Raise arms overhead or you can push your palms together at the center of your heart
  • Gaze at a fixed point straightly
  • Stay in the position for like 1 minute
  • Now, repeat on the other side

Useful Tip: Don’t press your foot into the knee

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2. Garland Pose

A pregnant woman practices garland pose

Also known as Malasana, this is among the popular yoga asanas for pregnant ladies (first-trimester yoga). The pose strengthens and stretches hips and pelvic floor muscles. Moreover, it also helps elongate the spine and promotes good digestion.

Steps to do a garland pose:

  • With a little wider than hip-width apart, stand on your feet
  • Turn the toes to the sides (at a slight angle)
  • Time to raise your heels
  • Slowly, lower the hips and come into a squat pose
  • Push palms altogether (at the heart center)
  • Now, push your elbows into the knees
  • Stay for up to 1 minute

Useful Tip: Don’t practice this pose if you are prone to prolapse

The next pose will improve your balance and posture!

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