7 Valentine’s Day Partner Workouts That Sets New Couple Goals!


Well, Valentine’s Day is mostly linked with romantic dates, exotic chocolates, expensive champagne, and a lot of it! For romantic couples, it is the time to eat, drink, and celebrate the bond. But what if we give you a task for the day that will set “New Couple Goals”? Yes, we are talking about fitness here. Spoiling your health is common, Valentine’s Day partner workouts are quite rare, ain’t they?

7 Valentine’s Day Partner Workouts To Make Sweat Together

Okay, no matter whether you are a fitness freak or not, you can always think about your fitness, and that too with your partner (kisses during the workout are not allowed, hahaha). Below are the best Valentine’s Day partner workouts to try this 14th February 2023-

1. Punching the bag (Another Hold)

A couple practicing on a punching bag

Boxing, well, is considered one of the best cardiovascular exercises. No matter if you have tried boxing or not, this time does that with your partner. Start punching the bag while your partner holds it tight for you. Switch it to prove “sharing is caring!”

2. Rotational Medicine Ball Transfer

A couple practicing gym ball transfer

Well, this is among the best Valentine’s Day partner workouts. Back to back, stand with your partner. You need o rapidly transfer the medicine ball (back and forth). Now, Practice this continuously for like 5 minutes by twisting your wrist. Let’s see how much sweat you both can make outta this.

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