6 Safe Forms Of Nicotine To Quit Your Cigarette Habit!


Well, everyone is well aware of the hazardous effects of consuming tobacco, be it chewable or smokeable. Every year, thousands of people lose their lives because of this awful habit. Also, smoking is very addictive and it feels almost impossible to leave it (even thinking about it). What if you get to learn about safe forms of nicotine? A substance called “nicotine” is present in tobacco, which is highly addictive. But, it has got some great benefits for your body (especially for your brain).

Okay, so here nicotine is a problem and a solution too. If you start consuming nicotine in “almost a safe form”, it will be so blissful for many, ain’t it? From nicotine gums to nicotine patches, there are many safe sources of the substance that costs low (as compared to cigarettes) and have the least effect (bad) on your body…

6 Safe Forms of Nicotine To Try Right Away!

If you are unaware, there are many products in the market that really helps with smoking cessation. Smoking has got not even a single health benefit. In fact, a single cigarette reduces your lifespan. Thanks to the harmful chemicals (like tar) present in the smoked-form tobacco. Below are the 6 safe forms of nicotine you can give a try-

1. Nicotine Gums

Cartoon chewing gum

It is one of the safe forms of nicotine consumption. Nicotine gums contain nothing, but nicotine with certain flavors (like mint). You can start chewing these nicotine gums to relieve your smoking craving. These gums are easily available at the nearest pharmacy. Also,m you can order it online. Nicotine gums come in 2 strengths: 2 mg and 4 mg. Choose your strength as per the smoking dependency. Heavy smokers should start with 4 mg.

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2. Vape Devices or E-Cigarettes

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If you are stuck on a smoke-blowing habit, then this is for you! Vaping is totally different from smoking. Various companies offer nice vaping devices that contain Sale Nic (nicotine). It doesn’t contain chemicals like tar. These devices are either disposable or rechargeable. Find a preferred device (that comes in different fantastic flavors) online. Though long-term use of vaping/e-cigarettes is harmful to the lungs and the heart, as per many studies.

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