weight loss

Today’s sedentary lifestyle has made it difficult for us to maintain our body’s fitness, weight or health in general. We spend most of our time on a desk in front of a laptop or any other gadget, having no physical activity at all. We depend on medicines and synthetic products that give us short term results quickly, forgetting all about the kind of risks we are opening our bodies to.

We cannot do much about the kind of job we have, but we sure can do something to take care of our health despite of these barriers. If reducing weight is at the top of your priority list right now, keep reading to learn some natural solutions to reduce weight naturally.

Lemon and Honey

When mixed in lukewarm water, this combo can give some amazing results in terms of weight loss. It is no doubt the most popular weight loss drink and should be consumed in the morning before eating anything else. It detoxifies the body and suppresses appetite leading to weight loss.

Black Pepper

Combining this natural weight cutter with lemon water makes it even more effective for weight loss. Studies show that pepper has piperine, a substance that helps in enhancing fat metabolism.

Spices Instead of Salt

Replace the salt in your food with spices. This will cut down your sodium intake and increase important minerals which aid digestion and accelerate metabolism thus cutting down on fat. Spices like turmeric, pepper, mustard, fenugreek, cumin etc contribute to weight loss.


Use of ginger in foods, and in juices accelerates the weight loss process. If the taste of ginger is a bit too bitter for you, mix it with honey and consume it daily. Your own easy to make ayurveda concoction is ready!

Liquid Diets

Instead of fasting, try practicing a liquid diet for 1 day per week. Your liquid diet may include juices, water infused with raw fruits, green teas and light soups. This will give you the required energy to go through the entire day without adding unwanted calories.


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