Is It Good To Workout When You Have A Cold? Worst Exercises Are Here!


Have you got a cold? Assuming that you have, you must be asking yourself (or searching on the internet sneezing) that is it good to workout when you have a cold. Well, the answer is both YES and NO! Having a physical workout has proven good in coping with health conditions, but wait, not every exercise is perfect for the moment. If you are suffering from a cold (being a fitness freak) and looking forward to hitting the gym, then we think it’s a bad idea!

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Is it good to workout when you have a cold?

Again, we have a mixed answer for you. Going to the gym and hitting the treadmill is simply a bad idea. Also, you may end up spreading your cold all over the gym, ain’t you? So, it is important to know that “is it good to workout when you have a cold”? Don’t worry, you will get your answer here. Here are the worst exercises you must avoid if you just caught a cold-

1. Avoid Endurance Running

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We agree that you can go for a walk (or a jog), even if you have a cold (provided that the weather is quite sunny). But, endurance running may worsen your condition. It demands vigor, and since you are suffering from a cold, simply avoid it. Furthermore, you may have a feeling of nausea and vomiting if you go on endurance running during a cold session.

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2. Avoid Gym Machines

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Okay, still asking “is it good to workout when you have a cold”? Your cold germs can spread rapidly if you go to a gymnasium. You may get more sick if you look forward to lifting heavy weights and doing vigorous cardio. Better, go for a walk, do some yoga at home, and so on… Well, we believe you won’t run into the gym and get onto the treadmill, right?

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