Is Banana Milkshake Healthy? The Answer Will Amaze You!

A banana shake is one of the most preferred milkshakes, but is it really healthy for you? Read to know!


Who else loves to drink a banana milkshake for breakfast with a plate full of snacks? Well, many prefer starting their day with a tasty glass of creamy milkshake. The appetite-satisfying banana shake is believed to be healthy, but is really healthy for you? Many believe it is, but many states that it is not! But why the delectable drink is so controversial. Get the final answer further!

Many people suffering from underweight problems drink a banana shake for weight gain as banana is high in carbohydrates and sugar. Banana is also considered healthy for overall health and strength. Let’s know what are the benefits of eating bananas daily-

  • Banana is rich in nutrients and is a perfect source of potassium, vitamin C, fiber, carbs, magnesium, copper, and vitamin B too.
  • Eating one banana on a daily basis can help improve sugar levels as it is rich in soluble fibers. It may also contribute regulate appetite levels by slowing the emptying of your stomach.
  • Bananas also promote digestive health due to their fiber content, which helps in digesting your food properly.
  • Bananas are considered good for overall heart health. A medium-sized banana contains enough potassium to regulate your blood pressure levels, thus contributing to your cardiovascular health.
  • Bananas are a perfect source of antioxidants like flavonoids and amines. It helps prevent oxidative damage to your body cells caused by some free radicals.

Is Banana Shake Harmful?

Ayurveda expert Dr. Nitika Kohli said “many people consume a glass of banana milkshake as a pre-workout drink, the banana shake is said to prevent muscle cramps after the workout, but is it really healthy for you? No, it is not!” If you believe in Ayurveda, every meal obviously has an effect on the body, good or bad! But one should avoid mixing certain foods together to avoid the risk associated with it.

Ayurveda calls it “Viruddha Ahara”, meaning foods )or combinations) which are not good for your health, and banana milkshake is one of them, said Dr. Kohli. She added that milk and bananas can be consumed separately with tension to get the health benefits out of them, but should be avoided together like a milkshake.

Talking about banana shake disadvantages, it can lead to many health problems if you drink it regularly. One of the disadvantages includes disturbed digestion. Other bummers include cold & cough, sinus congestion and many allergies like rashes anywhere on the body.

If you believe another Ayurvedic expert Dr. Dixa Bhavsar, milk alone should never be consumed with certain foods. Mixing them can have awful effects on your health system.


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