These Harmful Effects Of Nicotine Will 101% Surprise You!


Well, alone in the United States, nicotine addiction is a primary reason for premature deaths. About 480,000 deaths are linked to tobacco abuse in the country every year. Though a brain-boosting chemical, there are also many harmful effects of nicotine. Smoking remains the top reason for lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. But, why it is so addictive and almost impossible to leave smoking?

Ah, nicotine alone is the answer which is itself a very addictive chemical present in a cigarette. Some say it is as addictive as heroin. It is a parasympathomimetic substance, which no doubt boosts your dopamine levels in the brain. And, nicotine is not illegal, thus, more consumption!

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Harmful Effects of Nicotine on Health to Know!

There are always good and bad in every chemical and substance. The harmful effects of nicotine are not alarming in the beginning, until you learn that you are highly addicted. Below are the effects of nicotine on the body you should know right away-

1. Bad Effects of Nicotine on Brain

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There are many good psychological effects of nicotine. Yes, it is good for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and ADHD disorders. It helps stimulate your brain receptors and gives a GOOD FEELING by increasing your dopamine levels. But, this soon becomes a bad addiction and the brain starts demanding more! Nicotine consumption can promote the risk of psychiatric disorders like bipolar and depressive disorders.

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2. Nicotine Effects on Heart

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Nicotine is known to increase your heartbeat. Also, it increases your blood pressure! Cigarette smoking will directly impact your cardiovascular health and lungs. Well, nicotine also narrows the heart arteries. Finally, increasing the chances of an early-age heart attack. So, it’s better to have the least dependency on nicotine. And, if you do not smoke, it’s better to stay away from it all!

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