5 Drinks To Avoid During Pregnancy Including These Teas!


Hello folks, this blog will talk about those drinks to avoid during pregnancy. When you are conceiving a child, your days change. Well, from diet to precautionary measures, you need to be more aware of what you do and what you eat! many women ask questions like “when should you stop drinking when pregnant”. We recommend don’t drink during the 9 months. Also, avoid it for months even after giving birth. Furthermore, it totally impacts the child and you together.

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5 Drinks To Avoid During Pregnancy

You will be amazed to know that there are several teas you must not drink when you are pregnant. We bet you are! Your dietitian (and this blog) will help you enlighten yourself about drinks to avoid during pregnancy. Read further to know more-

1. Alcoholic Drinks

A pregnant woman holding a glass of wine

Now, don’t tell us that you love putting gin in tonic water. Remember, you are pregnant and it’s not those normal days of life. Alcohol is of the important drinks to avoid during pregnancy. Also, you can’t take a chance of getting drunk and slipping on the floor with a fetus in your abdomen, right?

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2. Diet Soda

Soda cans

Okay, we know that sodas are refreshing AF, and you can drink a couple of them heading to your favorite gym. But, you MUST NOT DRINK these drinks when you are pregnant and expecting a healthy child. Diet soda, well, it contains caffeine (not at all good for your child). Also, saccharine present in the drink is the most potent chemical, that can directly affect the baby’s growth and vigor.

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