These Dangers Of Drinking Alkaline Water Will Shock You!


Okay, you may have heard them say that drinking alkaline water has got many health benefits. Yes, we agree, as it contains alkaline minerals. But, do you know about the dangers of drinking alkaline water? Well, we bet you probably don’t! Though, alkaline water is less acidic as compared to regular drinking water and comes with many health benefits like improving stools and promoting the immune system. But, we think the research is limited!

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Dangers of Drinking Alkaline Water

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Some say it helps you slow the aging process (as it regulates your body’s pH), but it is also important to know the dangers of drinking alkaline water beforehand. Below is a brief knowledge shared to know the harmful effects of alkaline water-

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1. Hikes body alkalinity

pH paper test

According to the Cleveland Clinic, our body strives for maintaining pH neutrality, but as alkaline water hikes the alkalinity in the body, it can result in adverse health effects. So, limit your water intake as soon as possible.

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2. Bad for kidney patients

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People ask “is alkaline water safe”, well, not for kidney patients at all. The research concludes that drinking alkaline water is harmful to people suffering from kidney disease. Moreover, it also affects kidney functioning, says NKFH.

Got dry skin? Gosh, read the 4th danger!

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