Papad is a traditional Indian food not just limited to the south of India but also extensively included in the daily menu in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Punjab, Gujarat etc. This accompaniment also extends to the neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangaladesh.

Papad is considered an accompaniment to the daily dal rice-sambar rice menu. However it is now given the tag of “high-salt” food that can increase your blood pressure or retain water and in turn cause weight gain. So the food manufacturers are cashing on to these marketing gimmicks to sell “diet” papads or “salt-free” papads etc.

Papad and the varieties

Papad is a thin, crispy wafer basically made out of flour or paste. The base of this varies according to the geographical location. It could be made of rice flour or urad dal or chickpea or potato or sabudana or raw jackfruit etc. The taste of the same obviously varies based on the basic ingredient. Seasoning and flavours can also vary according to the individual’s taste and the region of preparation. They are sun dried to remove the moisture entirely and stored and used for months to years.

Benefits of incorporating papad

Our grandmothers were not able to quote any scientific research papers or use terms like superfoods or flavonoids. However, they made us relish the taste of papad when we ate our meal with them.They surely understood the benefits of them and we never mostly cared to ask them the logic behind it. So here we list a few of those health benefits of including papad:

  • They are gluten freelow calorie, high protein, high fibre accompaniment or snack. Can be enjoyed by any age group at any time of the day.
  • Papad can be an appetizer for a healthy sumptuous meal.
  • These can be a trustworthy prebiotic (promotes the growth of good bacteria in the gut) that supports digestion and assimilation of the macro and micronutrients from your food.
  • Papad acts as a digestive by enhancing the secretion of digestive enzymes and juices which are essential for metabolism.


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