5 Jobs Which May Disappear By 2030 | Check Before It’s Too Late!


We have already seen the drastic change in technology and robust ways of doing a task in the last 20 years. Every other Sci-fi movie frames the collapse of the human workforce, replaced by robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

From self-driving cars to the genesis of ‘much-efficient’ droids, we are already witnessing the dependency on the next-gen technology, trying to replace the human workforce so fast. But what if many jobs MAY DISAPPEAR in near future? Well, there’s a possibility and it has already begun happening!

We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten ~ Bill Gates

Will Jobs Disappear in Future Due to AI?

Let’s have a short fact-check to know the current scenario of advancements and achievements humans succeeded in so far. In 2017, a McKinsey report highlighted the following shocking statistics:

  • Around 50% of the work activities are already technically automatable by adapting current advanced technologies.
  • More than 30% of human activities are technically automatable in around 6 in 10 jobs. Astounding?

5 Jobs Which Will Disappear By 2030

A Next-Gen Robot

Are you a job person and always the fear another human that may take your seat? Well, your enemy may be a bot, or an automation software and not a Homosapien. Here are those 6 jobs which may disappear by 2030. Just read below to mark yourself save, we mean may be-

1. The Truck Driver

Will be replaced by: Self Driving Trucks

Artificial Intelligence will soon be advanced enough to replace truck drivers. One of the main issues to solve are ethical problems like the trolley dilemma (would you kill 5 people to save one or save 5 to kill one in a situation that requires this decision).

Basically, most monotonous jobs will be gone within a couple of decades.

Disruption is natural and can’t be avoided.

  1. Warehouse workers

Will be replaced by: Automated Robots

There already are huge warehouses in China which don’t require average employees anymore. The robots transport the goods from A to B, drive to their charging station whenever they run out of battery and a replacement until jump in to fill the hole fully automated.

Human labor is Warehouse be gone very soon.

  1. Cab Drivers

Will be replaced by: Automated Cars

Cab drivers already have to fight with Uber and Taxify but long term they will be hit with the same problem as the truck drivers’ self-driving cars. Once this innovation is ready, millions of jobs will be affected.


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