Established in 1992, 5.11 Tactical is a popular American brand for purchasing apparel and tactical equipment. The apparel range includes clothing, uniforms, and footwear. Also pronounced as “Five Eleven Tactical”, the company primarily focuses on the market of the military, public safety, and law enforcement personnel. The California-based company operates through retail stores spread in more than 82 locations and also through Five Eleven Online Shop.

5.11 Tactical is pioneered to deliver purpose-driven high-quality merchandise for the miliary groups and is dedicated to those who demand more for themselves. Offering apparel for both men and women, the main focus of 5.11 Tactical is to offer high-end uniforms, tactical gear, tactical clothing, and knives. Not just this, the brand lets you choose other merchandise like footwear, bags, accessories, etc.

Five Eleven Tactical Products

5.11 Tactical offers a remarkable collection of products and you can expect merchandise of great quality. No matter whether you are looking for apparel for training, outdoor, range, work, or professional purposes, Five Eleven Tactical is here to provide the new range as well as a discounted range of products. The American brand offers various products for both men & women and you can get the best offers and discounted deals on various 5.11 Tactical Products.

Five Eleven Tactical Men Range:

If you are looking for 5.11 Tactical Pants, 5.11 Tactical Boots, or durable backpacks for men, the leading tactical brand has a variety of products for you. Enthusiastic men can shop for pants, shorts, footwear, outdoor wear, bags & packs, plate carriers & vests, and more. Men’s pants involve cargo pants, jeans, chino pants, work pants, and tactical pants. The range for shorts includes button-ups, polos, t-shirts, and footwear that lets you chop for durable boots, shoes, and socks, and outdoor wear seekers can buy jackets, vests, pullovers, hoodies, and base layers.

Five Eleven Tactical Women Collection:

5.11 Tactical is a destination for a decent range of women’s wear and tactical collection. A woman can raise her spirit by shopping for new arrivals on the Five Eleven Tactical Online Shop or offline store. Women’s clothing range involves cargo pants, leggings, work pants, tactical pants, and shorts collection. Women’s merchandise includes button-ups, polos, tees & tanks, 5.11 Tactical jackets, hoodies, pullovers, 5.11 Tactical shoes, accessories, and 5.11 tactical backpacks.

Did you know: Five Eleven Tactical offers free deliveries on orders above $60.

5.11 Tactical Accessories

Accessories are useful and add to your overall clothing. Five Eleven Tactical Accessories include a wide collection of good-quality merchandise. Especially, if you are looking for durable belts, the company features Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Collection that you can choose for a promising quality. Other than belts, you can choose the 5.11 Tactical Brand for purchasing gloves, heavy duty flashlights, holsters & slings, hats & beanies, army knives, wrist watches, army patches, and knee & elbow protection items (like pads). The daily-use Five Eleven Tactical Accessories lets you shop for wallets, face masks, and various tools like ratchet kits and tomahawk.


Five Eleven Tactical is for the army and country lovers. The wide range of tactical footwear, clothing, safety tools, and useful accessories makes it one of the most preferred brands in the United States. With an easy online and in-store shopping facility, you can shoe 5.11 Tactical company for purchasing durable and high-end products. If you are army personnel, then you must give a try to brand that is primarily focused on serving the army people.


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