7 Surprising Reasons Why New Year Resolutions Fail!


5. It’s a process, but you aren’t accepting it!

One day, two days, three days? NO! New Year Resolutions is a process, sometimes like a long road trip. For example, if you took a resolution to study 6 hours a day and you give like 3 hours a day (earlier you were not even ready to sit back tight seriously), then it’s an achievement. Success always comes in pieces. It’s important to enjoy the process and celebrate your small achievements. Further, this becomes your self-motivation…

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6. You don’t socialize much

Remember, motivation also comes from socializing. Be it in person, or on social media. Talk to good people, make good friends who can be a piece of motivation, and so on! For example, if hitting a gym is your resolution, then put up a message on Instagram if someone can join you for the same! This way you get a fitness partner who shares the same goal. If you feel lonely at your workplace, try to enjoy your lunchtime with your coworkers.

We think you can’t go easy. Thank us later and rea the 7th reason!

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