Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day? History Behind Celebrating 14th Feb


Wandering why we celebrate Valentine’s Day? This blog will basically talk about the day’s history, and influence on society. The awesome day is an annual festival to celebrate romance, admiration, and friendship. It is celebrated every year on 14th February with all applause.

Love birds celebrate the day by sending love messages, greetings, and romantic gifts. But, the celebration is not limited to couples. Families and friends also exchange wishes & gifts to spread “love in the air”. Sending flowers on Valentine’s Day is one of the sweetest gestures, red roses remain the most preferred flower for the day.

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day History

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After New Year’s Day, this is one of the most famous days to cherish! Many celebrate the day with their friends and partners, but only curious ones ask “why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day”! Well, Valentine’s Day is named after the famous Saint “Valentine”. He was a Catholic priest from Rome back in the 3rd century. During Valentine’s life, a large number of Romans were getting converted to Christianity. But, Emperor Claudius II, a Pagan created strict laws. It was about what Christians were allowed and not allowed to do!

He strongly believed that Roman soldiers must be totally devoted to Rome. Therefore, he passed a law preventing them from marrying anyone. Saint Valentine began marrying these soldiers (in secret Christian ceremonies). This was the beginning of his true reputation for believing in the importance & totality of love.

Soon after, Saint Valentine was found guilty and was jailed for committing the crime against Emperor Claudius. While in prison, he truly cared for his fellow prisoners (and also his jailor’s blind daughter). According to the legend, he cured her blindness. His final act before he was executed was to pen down a love message to her signed “from your Valentine”. Sadly, St. Valentine was executed in the year 270 on 14th February.

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