Tiendanimal doesn’t just offer products for dogs and cats, but also for many other pet animals. If you love fish and want to have an aquarium in your home, then you can shop for fish food, aquariums, aquarium accessories, special plants, ponds, etc. Tiendanimal Products also take care of your horse’s health. Buy horse equipment, rider equipment, food, supplements, toys, etc. The other animals include birds, farm animals (chicken, sheep, goat, and more), and turtles. Visit the Tiendanimal Online Store to know in detail about the complete product range.

Did you know: Tiendanimal offers free delivery for orders above €49!


Every animal and pet deserves the best care from its owner. If you are a true animal lover, then you must offer the best products to your pets. Tiendanimal offers a promising range of petcare products and features top petcare brands to assure the best quality. Shop your dog or cat and feel elated!


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