Tiendanimal is a leading online store in Spain that offers a huge variety of pet products. No matter if you are petting a dog or a cat, the company understands your pet’s needs and believes in offering the best for your animal. Tiendanimal Pet Products are been offered for the last 14 years, that too online. It provides a nice online shopping experience, no matter what you shop for! The animal products are quality assured, with a promising on-time delivery in Poland.

Tiendanimal is also considered one of the best and most trustworthy eCommerce companies in Spain. That’s why Tiendanimal was awarded the “Best Ecommerce Spain 2020”. No doubt, the quality assurance and customer satisfaction made took Tiendanimal to a higher level. You will be amazed to know that Tiendanimal has over 400,000 active clients tail in Spain, followed by Italy and France.

Why Choose Tiendanimal For Your Pet Care?

By offering Tiendanimal Products with quality, the company already won the hearts of countless pet owners. There are many things a new customer can consider to choosing Tiendanimal for the next shopping for his pet. You can find big pet product brands like Tiendanimal Feliday offer unique products for your cat/feline health, Taste of the Wild Tiendanimal, and Furminator Tiendanimal.

Let’s learn about what made Tiendanimal a favorite among customers in Poland-

  • Tiendanimal is the first Spanish pet care & accessories store operating online
  • The company offers a 2-year warranty on all Tiendanimal Petcare Products
  • Happy and satisfied customers across Spain, France & Italy counting more than 400,000
  • People at Tiendanimal are passionate about pets, that’s why the pet care range is personalized
  • Timely deliveries of products within 24-48 hours
  • The dedicated customer care service is always there to solve your queries
  • Direct interaction with customers on Facebook channel
  • Tiendanimal also offers free online vet clinic organized by renowned vet doctors

Tiendanimal Products: Petcare Made Easy

At Tiendanimal, you are free to choose the best for your pet. From supplements to healthy snacks to accessories to toys, Tiendanimal Products include everything to make your pet happy, healthy, and safe. Some of the top brands featured on the Tiendanimal Website are Salvaje, Criadores, Breedup, Medicalpet, and Vivanimals. With the easy product selection at the online store, you can shop for Tiendanimal Pet Products and get an on-time delivery right at your doorstep.

If you pet a dog and looking for useful dog products from reputed brands, then Tiendanimal lets you choose from a wide range of products. The dog care range include wet foods from popular brands like Royal Canine, shacks, antiparasites, repellents, home accessories, travel accessories, hygiene range, and special puppies products. Th esame product categories can also be shopped for your cats, followed by special kitten rage including food for kittens, milk & supplements, and kitten wet food.


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