Smartney is an online loan company that belongs to the French Oney Bank Group. The loan offering company has been operating for 35 years in eleven markets, serving more than 7.6 million satisfied customers around the globe. Smartney, an innovative and leading financial solution believes in creating a space for needy people who are short of funds. The totally online customer loan is lent with any document.

Smartney understands the comfort of the consumer, that’s why the company is quick in operations with the simple process of the loan with no hidden costs. Smartney Online Loan lets millions of consumers change their view of finance, simply hassle-free. You must be thinking about “How much money can I borrow from Smartney?” You can simply borrow a large sum of money (on favorable terms of the company) to small amounts as well, that too on your personal computer or a smartphone.

How To Get A Loan From Smartney?

An amazing fact about Smartney is that it is the only company in entire Poland where you can consolidate your loan totally online even without visiting the loan company branch. The maximum loan amount you can borrow from Smartney is PLN 60,000 and the minimum remains PLN 3,000. Smartney lends the loan money for a minimum period of 6 months and the maximum paying time is 96 months with easy installments.

The goal of Smartney was always to understand their client’s financial needs at once and provide them with the best loan offer. To achieve this, the company chose open banking technology provided by Kontomatik. The Smartney and Kontomatik Partnership allowed their customers to keep every process online and safe.

To borrow a loan from Smartney, you just need to visit the Smartney Website. On the homepage, you will see a live panel where you will choose the amount of loan you want to borrow from the company and you will also select how long you want to borrow the loan amount. After choosing this, you will see the details regarding the amount of interest on the loan, the total amount to be paid, and the repayment period.

Now you will be taken to the page for your personal details. Smartney will ask for a few personal details like your full name, PESEL number, mobile number, and email ID. You will also need to select a few declarations. If you are an existing customer, you need to sign in for the same by typing your email and password detail. Further, your information will be verified by the company. The confirmation usually takes a few hours. As soon as the information is verified and found true, the loan amount will be paid to your bank account.

Note that you fill in your details correctly. Many times users select the wrong information regarding loan amount and period of payback.

Also, to keep your record clean, pay your monthly installments on time to maintain your score. The hassle-free online loan service is reliable in Poland. The easy process of the Smartney Loan is preferred over offline loan companies by many customers.


Smartney is an easy online loan lender to needy people who want urgent money to start a business, or pay their debts. Having operations totally online, customers found Smartney convenient and time-saving. If you too need money urgently and look for a loan company, then you can choose Smartney for tension-free loan borrowing.


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