ginger shot

Morning Coffee lovers know there is nothing like a nice cup of joe to get your day started on the right foot. However, some side-effects make people love and hate coffee all at the same time.

Despite the side effects, many people have yet to find an alternative to drinking coffee. Tea doesn’t quite do the trick and soda is just as bad as coffee. So, what is a caffeine coffee lover supposed to do to get that extra jolt in the morning? Well, as it turns out a shot of ginger might be the answer.

According to PopSugar, there are many added benefits to taking a shot of ginger that will have you rethinking your coffee habit in a hot second. One of the most significant advantages is that ginger still gives you that morning boost that is needed, but it doesn’t cause the crash with happens with coffee. Also, the shots don’t leave you feeling anxious or uncomfortable, just full of energy.

Another benefit to ditching coffee for a ginger shot is the later helps build a stronger healthier immune system. The reason is that it helps to keep a person healthy is because ginger is an anti-inflammatory, which means it can fight infections and relieve sore muscles. People who have added a shot of ginger to their daily routine have reported being sick less often and suffering from fewer colds.ginger and ginger tea

Ginger is also great for calming your stomach. Many people these days suffer from an irritated or upset tummy, but ginger can help alleviate the pain, as well as decrease bloating. It has been proven that ginger aids with several digestive issues, including nausea. Imagine not having to wake up with stomach pain or suffer from a slow digestive system.

The final benefit of ditching coffee for ginger is a better night’s sleep. It is a known fact that coffee can mess your sleep patterns. However, when coffee is replaced with a ginger shot, not only will you fall asleep faster, but you will get a better-quality night of shut-eye. The sluggish feeling you get from lack asleep will fade away and be replaced with more energy.


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