Arrived in Brazil in the year 1998, Leroy Merlin provides a variety of services for your house. Originally, Leroy Merlin is a French company for home improvement and gardening retailers serving various countries in Africa, South America, and Asia. The company offers an innovative range of construction materials like bricks, cement, finishes, decorations, DIY, and appliances. Leroy Merlin Products are known for their fine quality and efficiency. Except for construction products for homes, the company also offers various categories that you will know further.

Leroy Merlin Online and offline stores claim to offer products at the lowest prices, or you will even find double the difference on certain products. From Leroy Merlin Lamps to Leroy Merlin Timber Range to Leroy Merlin Artificial Plants, the retailer is promising and trustworthy. A few product categories are planned kitchens, robust tools, drills, coatings, toilets, plumbing, rugs, cushions, appliances, paints, furniture, bed, and air conditioning.

Leroy Merlin Products: Everything You Need For Home

Leroy Merlin Brasil holds 49 stores in 11 Brazilian states and districts. The company is dedicated to helping its customers at all stages of home construction and other applications. Let’s know about all the departments Leroy Merlin deals in! The departments include bathrooms, bed/table/bath, ventilation, kitchen, decoration, electronics, hardware, lighting, garden, balcony, house cleaning, woods, electric materials, hydraulic materials, furniture, house organization, pet shop, painting, and floors. Other departments are doors, windows, gates, security, and communication.

To know the products for each category mentioned above, you can visit the Leroy Merlin Online Shop or an offline store near you. To locate the “Leroy Merlin Near Me”, visit the official website and you can find options to locate a store near you. Though you can have hassle-free shopping with an easy online platform and get your products delivered at your home or to the desired location.

Leroy Merlin’s “Do It Yourself”

Leroy Merlin promotes and offers DIY products. For many people, do-it-yourself practice is not preferred as in many cases you may hurt yourself doing a task, or find it impossible to do the same. But the Leroy Merlin DIY concept is totally safe and convenient. The company provides conditions and shortcuts to resolve an issue from creating textures to safely changing a bulb. The expert sales consultants of the company offer true tips and correct suggestions for step-by-step homemaking. You can also buy at Leroy Merlin on the Whatsapp application and can get proper instructions to do a particular task you wish for.

Leroy Merlin Calculator: Get Simplified

Leroy Merlin Calculator lets you choose the right product for your home construction and clears your doubt regarding the applications. The Leroy Merlin Calculator is ideal for every moment of your work. No matter what you choose for construction, finishing, decoration, garden, etc. The calculator works as a shopping assistant for customers. For example, if you want to paint your room, so the question is, how many paint buckets you will need to do so! The easy calculator can be used to type minimum information and deliver the approx results.

Some of the most common questions asked at Leroy Merlin are-

  • How to calculate what you need to mount the wall?
  • How to choose the right welding machine?
  • How to choose the ideal lighting for the ceiling as per my environment?
  • How to choose the faucet for your bathroom?
  • How to choose the ideal hinge for the furniture?
  • How to calculate the correct amount of glass blocks?
  • How to keep the pool clean?
  • How to choose the right air conditioning for the living room?


Leroy Merlin is a promising company for your home construction and fixation. Be it a living room, kitchen, balcony, garden, or roof, the company offers good-quality products at the cheapest price. Thousands of customers have already used the company’s goods and had positive reviews. Leroy Merlin Products can be easily surfed online or at the nearest offline store. Try this home construction service and make your premises better than before.


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