Empik Poland: Skyrocket Your Passion Here

Empik is a multi-niche chain of stores offering a wide range of products to nurture your interests & passion.


Empik is a successful commercial chain selling media products including music, film & software, a wide book collection, and international press. The company is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, and also owns a foreign language school namely Empik School, and a photo company called Empik Foto. Starting back in 1967, Empik Stores are spread in Poland and Ukraine. You can shop in more than 134 stores alone in Poland and more than 23 stores in Ukraine.

Empik Online Store and offline outlets let you buy endless products. The company was one of the leaders in focussing on the digital platform and is also one of the largest platforms of e-commerce in Poland. The leading digital content distributor also features Empik Go Kindle as a solution for accessing audiobooks, e-books, and podcasts. You can do a lot more with this lifestyle brand to bring productivity to your life.

Empik Store Collection: Do More

Empik Poland holds a variety of categories to choose your preferred product or service for a true lifestyle experience. At Empik Store you can discover the interest of your niche every day and anytime. The collection is driven by books, music, films, and amazing articles. The topics can be Health & Beauty, Mom & Baby, Toys, gardens, Home, Electronics, Sports, and many others. The content can be experienced online, in stores near you, and on our mobile app.

Empik Poland also lets you share your story or passion at many events like healthy discussions, author meets, workshops, concerts, and exhibitions. The motive is to develop your curiosity for a particular field of interest. The company also gives freedom to order your favorite stuff online and pick later from the preferred Empik Store. As mentioned, Empik also facilitates Kindle editions, so readers can buy their favorite reads digitally. “They Both Die at the End Empik” be one of their favorites!


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