Adobe’s 40 years of Innovation: 10 Things We Bet You Don’t Know!


Throughout recent many years, Adobe’s innovations have touched billions of individuals across the globe and engaged them to be motivated, create, and share their accounts with the world. Adobe Inventive Cloud commends its 40th commemoration, it has the unimaginable opportunity to consider a portion of the sensational things you didn’t know prior (we mean every one of them)!

The founders of Adobe’s, John Warnock and Charles Geschke kept up with that “good thoughts generally come from each corner in the company.” This way of thinking actually rings true. Through Adobe’s innovation, it has enabled billions of individuals to impact the world in all shapes and sizes ways, inside and outside the company.

10 Things We Bet You Have barely any insight into Adobe’s 40 years of innovation

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Here are the 10 interesting facts about Adobe that you may don’t know-

1. Adobe was named after the Adobe Creek that ran behind John Warnock’s home.

2. Our logo, the adapted ‘A’ was designed by John Warnock’s better half Marva.

3. Adobe’s absolute first framework was PostScript, a programming language that portrays the presence of a printed page and has turned into an industry standard for printing and imaging. It was a breakthrough product because of how it dealt with textual styles — ready to create textual styles of any size and shape from mathematical descriptions and do so automatically on the fly. Today, wherever you look — from magazines to billboards — you see a PostScript textual style being used.

4. Designed as the principal Adobe Originals typeface by Robert Slimbach in 1989, Adobe Garamond depends on the typefaces previously created by the popular French printer Claude Garamond in the sixteenth century.

5. The Adobe Digital Index, which uses trillions of data points from Adobe Analytics, stays the bellwether on the soundness of the digital economy. 85% of the main 100 web retailers in the U.S. depend upon Adobe Analytics to convey, measure and customize shopping experiences on the web.


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