Uninstall Mobile Apps Before New Year 2023: These 10+ Apps Are Killing You


It’s no big surprise why the popular concept of “digital detoxes” has become so trending nowadays. Thanks to some of the time-wasting mobile apps that only drain your battery and decrease your productivity throughout the day! No, we are not saying to install them all, but some of the apps are a bummer, and you need to uninstall mobile apps before New Year hits your way. You can also take this as a part of New Year Resolution 2023 hahaha…

Dr. David Greenfield, an assistant professor of psychiatry told that using your smartphone every single time releases a certain amount of dopamine, giving you a good feeling in your mind. But do you really think using your phone almost all day long is a good deal? A BIG NO! From stressing your eyes to making you fat, excess use of these applications can cause serious conditions. Dr. Greenfield also added that scaling your phone time gradually will deliver overall nice results.

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Uninstall Mobile Apps Before New Year 2023 Hits Hard

We will talk about the kind of apps that drains your bank account, kill your precious time, applications that take up a lot of space on your device, and so on! Read below to know more-

1. Uninstall Mobile Apps Before New Year “That Distract You Like Hell”

Popular social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can be seen on almost every smartphone device. These can help you hike your dopamine (for a while), but have you thought that how much time and energy you waste on scrolling like an insane?

People start their day by opening their social media apps (though it takes a while for them to open their eves properly :D). They end their day by again scrolling, and reading sensitive stuff, and trust us, 24 hours are not enough for them to get enough of it! Games like PUBG, Pokemon Go, etc top the list of draining battery and sitting on a cloud 9 for no reason!

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Also, there are many messaging apps people use while driving. Many lose their lives while messaging/calling on the go and meeting a serious accident. Major messaging apps include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. Try to install mobile apps before New Year among this list.

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